KIMANH VIETNAM, we produce labeling for private companies or custom-ordered products.
We will meet your requests such as adding your logo on our existing products or manufacturing products following your own specifications or for your own purposes.

Past OEM orders have been for the following products:

– Eyelash Extension

– Muslin Roll / Waxing Roll

– Face Waxing Spatulas / Body Waxing Spatulas / Eyebrow Waxing Spatulas

– Uniform for Spa and Salon Staffs

– Salon/Spa Furniture: Wooden nail polish rack, Wooden Massage Bed, Plastic Nail Polish Rack

– Disposable Slippers for Spa / Salon

– Medical Disposable Slippers

– Medical Uniforms / Pharmaceutical Uniforms

– Medical Spatulas

For further information, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible

Address: 138 Trung My Tay 5 Str, Group 1, TMT Ward, HCMC, Vietnam

Email: kimanhbeautyvietnam@gmail.com